red sedan | rapid city hail damage repair

Hail damage can come in a few forms and will have a different look depending on several factors. The location of the damage as well as the speed and size of the hail will determine the appearance of the hail damage.
In general, hail damage is characterized by numerous small, round dents covering a car’s metal panels. These can cause the panels to look lumpy and uneven, making for an unsightly vehicle.

Where Does Hail Typically Strike?

The car parts that receive the most hail damage are those that have the greatest amount of surface area facing the sky, such as the roof, hood, and trunk. Doors and size panels tend to receive less damage from hail that is traveling downward, but hail that is falling sideways due to wind may have a greater impact on side panels.

What Sort Of Damage Are We Looking At?

Windows can also accumulate hail damage but will likely receive cracks rather than dents. With the windshield having the greatest upward-facing surface area, it may be the most susceptible to damage. However, windshields are made of thicker glass than side windows, so they can take more of a beating. Watch out for your side windows during severe hail storms when the wind can quite literally blow hail sideways.

Large, fast hail will usually cause more intense damage than small, slow hail. Large, fast hail may create bigger and deeper dents, while small, slow hail could cause more shallow ones.

Rapid City Hail Damage Repair

For hail damage repair in Rapid City, you have a few options. For window damage, it’s wise to get your glass replaced to prevent injury or impaired sightlines while driving. Body dents caused by hail are best repaired with paintless dent repair, or PDR.

PDR for hail damage repair in Rapid City is affordable, efficient, and conveniently available with Rapid City Hail Repair Co. This process does not require replacement parts, and instead has dents removed from your existing body panels. PDR can work for any dent that does not contain paint chips, making it perfect for hail damage repair in Rapid City.