Rapid City PDR

While DIY dent repair may seem appealing at first, it’s not the way to go for proper dent removal. At-home dent repair is tough to do if you don’t have the specialized training of Rapid City PDR technicians, and many DIY methods just don’t work. If you’re thinking about DIY dent removal, you might want to reconsider. The methods below are just three of the most common DIY dent repair methods, and they all bring risk to you and your car.

Method #1: Hair Dryer Heat-Up

Some think heating up a dent with a hair dryer will make the metal pliable and therefore able to be bent back into place. Hair dryers don’t reach high enough temperatures for this, and if they did, they’d be dangerous for human use.

Method #2: Plunger Pull

The suction of a plunger is rumored to be able to pull out dents, but beware if you try this method, because that is not the case. Plunger suction can actually enlarge dents, warping the metal as the plunger is pushed down.

Method #3: Dry-Ice Freeze

This method suggests that placing dry-ice on your car’s dent will cause the metal to contract and make the dent pop out. However, dry-ice will damage your car’s finish, and repairing that could cost you more than just getting PDR done. Moreover, dry-ice is so cold that touching it will give you sudden frostbite. One wrong move and you could have an icy, painful situation on your hands.
PDR technicians have the right skills and the best tools to remove dents properly, and their services are available right in Rapid City. Rapid City PDR is an affordable and timely way to fix your dents, and it doesn’t come with the complications of at-home dent repair. Rather than trying DIY, come see the Rapid City PDR specialists at Rapid City Hail Repair Co. Team to have it fixed faster than you can say “dent repair.”