Rapid City hail repair

Hail can wreak havoc on your vehicle. From your windows to your body panels to your internal mechanisms, your car can accumulate major damage during a hail storm if left unprotected. Prior to and during hailstorms, there are ways you can help prevent damage before you have to turn to Rapid City hail repair shops. Here are some of the top hail damage prevention to keep in mind when you’re worried about needing Rapid City hail repair:

Find shelter for parking

Shelter could be your garage, a parking ramp, a rented car port, or next to a tall building. Shelter is the best and most reliable way to prevent auto hail damage.

Cover your car

Blankets and car mats can help you shield your car from damage if you’re unable to find shelter. You can cover your vehicle with blankets and duct tape them to the bottom of the car to stop them from blowing away. If you don’t have blankets at your disposal, car mats work just as well. This method isn’t quite as effective as getting shelter for your car, but if shelter isn’t available, covering your car is better than leaving it out in the open.

Check the weather often

Staying up-to-date with regional weather patterns can be very helpful in preventing hail damage. Knowing a storm is coming can give you time to prepare, whether that be putting blankets in your car or renting a carport.

Wait for the hail to stop before you drive

If hail is coming down, the safest move for you and your car is to wait until the storm passes to drive. If you must travel, try to drive toward the direction the hail is coming from. Your windshield is sturdier than your side windows, so driving into the hail will help prevent side window damage and potential injuries.

If you do acquire hail damage, Rapid City Hail Repair Co. Team is your go-to for hail repair in Rapid City, offering great services at affordable prices. In the unfortunate case of hail damage, this shop makes repairs easy and will give you the quality service you’re looking for.