Rapid City hail PDR

Has your car been recently damaged by hail? No need to worry. We are Rapid City’s #1 hail PDR pros. Jabuit LLC can restore your original factory finish so you get the most for your vehicle!

Our Rapid City hail PDR experts can restore the original look of your car without the use of paint. Hail is a common occurrence during severe thunderstorms. A storm might not linger more than 5 minutes, but the damage it leaves behind can be very significant. Hail can cause damage in form of dents and dings on your car. Apart from the unpleasant look, hail damage does to your car; the dent can lower your car value, and could also result in corrosion and rust if not repaired.

There are several ways you can get hail damage repaired. The two most popular are paintless dent repair (PDR), and conventional body repair. Compared to standard body shop methods, PDR paintless dent repair is quicker, environmentally friendly, and more affordable. In addition, it remains the best option if you plan to sell your vehicle soon. With paintless dent repair, you can always maintain the factory paint of your car.

What is paintless dent repair?

The use of paintless dent repair as a method for repairing a dent on automobile caused by hail, dings, door creases, just to name a few have grown in acceptance over the last few years. It is a proven method of repairing all forms of minor dents. The method involves the use of dent repair tools to bring out the dent from underneath the body panel, gently and effectively.

Hail PDR paintless dent repair processes

Rapid City hail PDR technicians follow three main steps when repairing dent damaged caused by hailstorm using PDR.

Assess the extent of the damage

The extent of the dent damage is assessed, to determine how big and deep. While assessing the dent, technicians try to map out the best route of getting to the location of the dent.

Gain access to the dent

Dents can be found in all sorts of places. Sometimes it can be pretty hard to reach the back of the dent without using the proper tools or removing certain parts.

the PDR technicians will have to remove some body panels to gain access to the backside of the dent.

Get a better look at the dent

Expert Rapid City hail PDR technicians use their knowledge and experience to determine the best place to apply pressure to restore the body back to its original position. Then, they gently push out the dent. After pushing back the dent, the exterior back is gently massaged to its previous place.