Rapid City Hail Dent Repair

The residents of South Dakota are no strangers to hail damage. Back in 2010, the largest hailstone found in the U.S. came down in Vivian, SD and measured 18.5 inches around. That’s some serious hail. Obviously, not all hailstones are that large, but in South Dakota, you must be prepared for anything.

Types of Hail Damage

Hail can cause either cosmetic damage or severe damage to your vehicle depending on the speed at which it’s traveling, its density, and its size. Cosmetic damage is essentially damage done to just the surface of the car and is caused by hail that is slow, small, or not very dense. It affects your vehicle’s appearance, but doesn’t affect its inner workings. Severe damage, on the other hand, does not damage merely your car’s surface. This second type of damage is more extreme and harms not just your body panels, but your internal mechanisms as well. Both forms of hail can look similar, with round dents covering the surface of your vehicle. The dents may be larger or deeper if the hail is bigger, faster, or more dense.

Rapid City Hail Dent Repair

Repairing these dents is simple with Rapid City hail dent repair. Cosmetic damage can easily be fixed with paintless dent repair, as it just affects the car’s body panels. Severe damage can be a little trickier. Paintless dent repair works for any dents that do not contain chips and do not affect entire body panels, but any internal damage to your vehicle may require other repairs. Luckily, your surface damage is likely to be eligible for PDR dent removal, which is inexpensive, allowing you to put more money into any other repairs you may need.

Rapid City hail dent repair can be the saving grace for a vehicle with hail damage. Because it can repair such a wide variety of dents, PDR is one of the best options for hail dent repair and you can get it at a lower cost than many other types of hail repair.