Paintless dent repair is one of the best methods of dent removal in Rapid City. PDR technicians restore existing parts instead of replacing them, keeping repair costs low. It’s different from traditional forms of dent repair, which typically fill dents with putty and cover them with paint. PDR technicians work to carefully remove dents, leaving smooth, flawless body panels.

Our Process

To begin dent removal, Rapid City auto technicians identify and mark all dents. This is especially important for hail damage repair, as hail causes many small dents which are not always easy to see. When dents are tough to spot, technicians use a light to cause each dent to cast a shadow. If a small number of dents are being removed, this step may not be necessary.
Once all dents are identified, Rapid City technicians can begin their dent removal. Technicians have a variety of repair tools in their arsenal, and the location, size, and type of dent they’re removing will determine which tools they select. Hammers, curved rods, hot glue guns, and pull tabs are some of the most common tools used for Rapid City dent removal.

Dent Pulling Tools

If dents are being pulled out from the front of the body panel, a hot glue gun and pull tabs may be used. First, a pull tab will be hot glued to the dent’s surface. Then, another tool, such as a specialized hammer, will be attached to the pull tab for leverage to help pull out the dent. Once the dent is removed, the hammer will be detached, and the hot glue carefully peeled or scraped off. This process does not harm your car’s finish, allowing dents to be removed without the use of paint.

Dent Pushing Tools

Dents can also be pushed out from the back of a body panel using pressure and curved tools. Dings and dents are smoothed out using this method, while still not disturbing your car’s finish.

Because it does not require paint or replacement parts, PDR is the go-to method for Rapid City dent removal. It’s appealing to many consumers due to its low cost and low wait time, and is a great investment for your car’s future. Make sure to consider PDR as your next dent repair solution.