Paintless dent repair Rapid City

Paintless Dent Repair Rapid City

An unsightly dent or ding in your vehicle does not have to mean a decrease on your investment. When you have a dent, look no further than paintless dent repair Rapid City for your PDR needs. PDR is a dynamic approach to repairing dents without the need of a total paint job. Not only does this save you money and time, but also the process helps keep the integrity of your vehicle intact. PDR helps restore your vehicle to pre-damage condition without compromising the original paint, finish, or your wallet.

4 Steps for a Flawless Finish

At our Rapid City paintless dent repair shop, we have a four-step process that we use for every vehicle that comes in for repairs. Not all dents and dings are good candidates for PDR, so our team of qualified technicians use a checklist to evaluate your vehicle before we make any recommendations.

  1. First, we assess the damage and determine whether or not your vehicle is a good candidate for PDR. We utilize advanced lighting techniques to fully analyze the contour of the damage.
  2. Next, our Rapid City paintless dent repair experts search for the best access point. Usually this is under the hood or behind a door panel. Sometimes we’ll need to remove signal lights or body panels in order to gain access to the weakest side of the dent.
  3. Once our expert technicians have a good view of the dent and an easy access point, it’s time to repair it. We use a combination of hammering tools and pulling tools to gently push and pull the dent back into place. These tools are specially crafted to provide excellent accuracy and control over pressure.
  4. Finally, you get to see your flawless paint finish. We don’t use any invasive materials or processes, so you don’t need to worry about any lost value or rising insurance rates.

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