Black Hills body repair

When it comes to the best companies in Black Hills for body repair our technicians are the preferred choice. We provide convenient and comfortable service for all kinds of minor body damage. If you have a dent that hasn’t cracked the paint, call us at 605-858-1401 for a free quote!

Highly Qualified Team Members

Our Black Hills body repair team consists of only industry experts. Duane, the owner, has over 23 years of experience with paintless dent repair, making him one of the most prominent hail repair specialists in South Dakota. With over 15 thousand damaged vehicles repaired, Rapid City Hail Repair Co. is more than prepared to handle just about any dent you can throw our way.

Repairing All Kinds of Dents

We never turn away a dent unless our methods would cause more harm than good. Our Black Hills body repair experts can fix minor dings, large dents, hail damage, and everything in between. The primary factors that limit our work are:

  1. The depth of the dent and how sharp the damage is
  2. Where the dent is located
  3. Whether or not the paint is cracked

If the dent is sharp or located on a corner, we don’t want to risk tearing the metal. Every dent is unique, so we need to properly assess the damage before beginning repairs. Call us now to schedule your free damage assessment.

Quick and Affordable Service

Rapid City Hail Repair Co. repairs are always fast, high quality, and affordable. We don’t waste time with fillers or primers. Our paintless dent repair services only require the tools in our hands and the experience under our belts. By pushing dents out, instead of filling and covering them, we save you time and money. No more money is wasted on excess materials and our turnarounds are faster than ever. If you have a dent that you need removed, call the best Black Hills body repair team today at 605-858-1401!