F.A.Q. section

What is paintless dent repair or paintless dent removal?

Paintless dent repair (PDR) involves specialized spring steel tools (along with many other types of PDR tools) to massage the damage from the back side of the panel and glue pulling from the outside of panel. Specialized paintless dent repair technicians use LED lighting to “READ” the damage. If done properly, no paintwork should be needed.

Why use Rapid City Hail Repair rather than using a body shop?

First off, our lead tech has 25 years’ experience performing paintless dent repair and auto hail repair. Secondly, we understand the auto body world as we have owned one. Thirdly, you wouldn’t bring your windshield repair to a car wash, shouldn’t you bring your hail damage repair to a hail damage repair company?

We’ll provide a great auto hail repair that’s guaranteed and backed up with phenomenal customer service. We can handle the whole process, from estimating, to interacting with the insurance companies, to installing damaged parts to performing the PDR to subcontracting body shops, if necessary.

How long does a typical repair take?

Turn around on a typical repair is 2-3 days. An easy way to measure how much time it could take is for each $1000 dollars in damage, it will be in shop for a full day, plus one day for logistics and clean up.

What type of guarantee do you provide?

We guarantee any work we perform for the duration of the time YOU own your vehicle.

How does our “No deductible up to $500.00 work?

• We simply deduct 500 dollars off of your final bill after the job is finished.
• This offer is only good with a COMPLETE hail repair service.

What do I need to do now that my vehicle is damaged by hail?

1. Contact your insurance company and report the claim.
2. Schedule with us.

Do I need to go where the insurance company tells me?

NO. According to South Dakota law, you are allowed to go to the shop of YOUR choice. They must accommodate this.