Black Hills PDR

Dings are frustrating to just about any car owner, and they’re even worse if you’re trying to sell. Most drivers won’t touch a hail damaged vehicle with a ten foot pole, let alone buy one. Even dealerships often go out of their way to clear these vehicles from their lot by either offering them at a heavily discounted price, or through hiring a professional dent repair service. Paintless dent repair is well known as the only way to remove body damage without harming your paint. If you or your company need quality dent removal services, then call our Black Hills PDR team at 605-858-1401.

The Magic of Modern Paint

Modern paints provide more than just their aesthetic value. Today, most paints are also a protective layering, the most popular of which are water based acrylic polyurethane enamel. These paints are used for their elastic qualities and environmentally friendly materials. Because of their resilience, many impacts that would have irreparably damaged your paint only cause minor dents and dings. Dents and dings will still greatly devalue your car, but with the help of a professional Black Hills PDR team you can restore the factory fresh finish in no time!

How Does PDR Work?

Paintless dent repair is somewhat of a household remedy with a professional twist. To understand what I mean, let’s go back to the original automobiles manufactured in Germany in 1886. As long as car’s have existed their visual quality has always remained one of their primary selling factors; so whenever a vehicle got dented in the manufacturing line they would push the dent out rather than scrap the car. Over the years this evolved into what we now call paintless dent repair. Today, our Black Hills PDR technicians use state of the art tools and techniques to completely remove dents in under an hour without harming the paint on your vehicle.

Benefits of Paintless Dent Repair

Since its inception paintless dent repair has grown rapidly, but it still doesn’t have the same household reputation that body shops are known for. So here are 3 reasons you should consider PDR for minor body damage:

  1. It’s Quick – PDR is a super simple process that does not require many steps. As a result, most of our Black Hills PDR jobs take less than an hour. Minor dents are incredibly quick while something like hail damage could take a few days to a week. This is nearly three times faster than competing body shops.
  2. It’s Affordable – Usually you spend money to save time, but with PDR you save money to save time. We don’t use any expensive materials like putty, paint, and primer so your costs stay low.
  3. No Service Reports – Perhaps the most notable quality of PDR is that it does not affect your insurance rates. Our Black Hills PDR crew use non-invasive processes, so we can restore your quality paint finish without harming your safe driver history.