Black Hills hail repair

We take care of all your hail repair worries on your damaged vehicle. Hail causes damage to the appearance and value of your car. Besides this, the dent it leaves behind can lead to rust and corrosion if no repair action is taken. While most hailstorms are mild, severe ones can shatter your windshield, and even damage the roof of your house. We are Black Hills’ #1 hail repair company. Call 605-858-1401 for a free damage estimate!

What should you do if your car is struck with hail?

First, we recommend you give your insurance providers a call and file a claim. After they give you a damage appraisal let them know that you are going to use PDR as your preferred hail repair method. Most Black Hills insurance companies recognize PDR as a safe and effective hail repair method.

How we repair dents and dings from hailstorms

The extent and location of the damage are the two primary factors we consider before selecting the best approach for your repair.

If the damage is mild, your insurer will most likely recommend the use of Paintless dent repair to fix the damage. PDR remains the best method of removing a hail dent. It is less expensive, faster, and safer than conventional body repair. In addition, it takes care of every color mismatch issue, as it does not involve the use of paint.

In situations where the dent is not easily accessible, we recommend the use of the conventional dent repair method. If the damage is severe or structural or there is damage that affects non-metallic part of the vehicle, the conventional dent repair method is used.

A severe hailstorm can cause significant damage to your property. We know how important your car is to you. Leave your car to our Black Hills hail repair experts. After assessing the extents of the damage, our technicians will advise you on the best method of repairing the dents and dings on your car. We go the extra mile to restore the original look of your vehicle.