Black hills hail damage

Winter is a dreaded season for most vehicle owners. The ‘ber’ months mean snow blocking our driveways, ice on the roads, and worst of all, hail. Hail does not care if you drive a Mercedes or a Toyota, it will still pummel your paint until you can’t recognize it. But then again, not all hailstones are created equal. Some fall as big as tennis balls, while others are no larger than a dime. The extent of your damage depends on the size of the hail and how fast it is falling. Our Black Hills hail damage repair team can remove dings of all shapes and sizes using a method known as PDR.

What is PDR?

PDR, or paintless dent repair, is a body repair method that has one purpose: to restore damaged body panels without harming the paint. It’s a very straightforward process that doesn’t require expensive materials or time consuming steps that body shops often employ. Essentially, we use standard dent repair tools such as slide hammers, knockdown tips, and glue tabs to reshape dented body panels. This process requires proper training, tools, and a steady hand to get just right. Our Black Hills hail damage team has over 23 years of paintless dent repair experience.

Anyone Can Knock Out A Dent, But Only A Trained Tech Can Remove One

In all honesty, anybody can knock a dent out of their car. However, we would never suggest this to somebody inexperienced in body repair. To remove a dent without causing further harm or creating more work for yourself requires a lot of training and the right tools for the job. You’ve probably already seen your fair share of DIY methods all over the internet, but all of these have one thing in common: they are incredibly risky.

  • One of  the most common methods of DIY dent repair involves dry ice. Dry ice is not only dangerous to your car, but to your hands as well. Don’t get frostbite.
  • Another popular method is the plunger/hair dryer method. You use the heat to soften the metal and the suction from the plunger to pull out the dent. However, this is more likely to crack your paint or even create more tiny dents.

A Black Hills hail damage repair company is the perfect way to remove dents and dings without having to risk your paint. Call Rapid City Hail Repair Co. today at 833.352.2884 for fast, quality results!