Black Hills dent removal

The benefits of paintless dent removal are numerous. PDR is a method to repair minor dents on your car’s body. Ding and dent damage includes mishaps from hail, bodyline, creases, minor and large dents. Performed on both steel as well as the aluminum body, it is the number one method. The best option in Black Hills dent removal is the PDR method. There are several advantages.


PDR is the most cost effective Black Hills dent removal option. Compared to traditional methods, paintless dent repair can save you a lot of time and money. It does not require any painting or filling. Instead, we take the most direct route by pushing or pulling the dent back into place with specialized PDR tools. These include metal knockdown tips for applying pressure, and glue tabs that stick to the surface of the dent. This is all done without ever having to repaint or fill in a dent.

Vehicle resale value

Most vehicle owners plan to sell their car at some point. In order to get the best value for your vehicle you’ll need a flawless paint finish. PDR is the only body repair method that can maintain the long term value of your car without leaving a trace. Other traditional methods require painting and filling, which leave signs of body work; swirly paint, uneven surfaces, and service reports. PDR leaves none of that. We only use our tools and training to return body panels to their original shape.


Paints and fillers contain substances that are not only harmful to people if not handled correctly, but can also negatively impact the environment. Since we rely solely on our tools and training, we have no need for extraneous materials containing toxic chemicals. Our Black Hills dent removal service is completely environmentally friendly.

Paintless dent repair is a quick and cost effective way to keep your car looking the best it can be. Restore your car’s factory fresh look without long waits or expensive fees. Call our Black Hills dent removal experts today at 605-858-1401!