Rapid city dent repair

Rapid City Dent Repair

Hail can be overwhelming, but hail damage repairs don’t have to be. Sometimes, it can seem like a hassle to take your car to the shop, but not in Rapid City, thanks to paintless dent repair. A Rapid City dent repair crew is the best way to go for your auto hail repair because it has advantages traditional hail repairs just can’t match.

It’s Fast

Rapid City dent repair can take as little as a few hours to complete depending on the amount of hail damage accumulated, simply because it has fewer steps than traditional dent repair. Traditional repairs involve sanding, paint feathering, placing putty in dents, and then painting over the putty. PDR technicians remove dents using pressure and tools, meaning no paint-drying wait time.

It’s Inexpensive

Compared to traditional methods of hail repair, PDR is less expensive for a few reasons. First, traditional hail repair methods use paint and might even replace damaged body panels. As implied from its name, PDR is paint-free dent repair in Rapid City, saving on labor and paint costs. And, PDR’s use of existing parts rather than replacements saves on purchase, shipping, and installation costs.

It’s Insurance-Approved

PDR has been around for many decades, making it a trusted method of hail repair in the eyes of insurance companies. PDR technicians are specially-trained to produce quality repairs with this non-invasive process, which is why so many insurance companies cover this form of Rapid City dent repair.

It’s Great For Resale Value

Hail damage can do a number on the resale value of your car, but PDR can easily take care of that. This process is so quick to do that it’s worth the trip to the shop. If you’re worried about the service report, you don’t need to. PDR’s non-invasive process allows it to stay off service reports while still making your car dent-free.